Doing Threadmills, Let’s Dance!

August 25, 2006

For those of you wondering why I’ve been so quiet lately, I was spending time away from my notebook and pencil doing the threadmill. Working out is such a great stress reliever! I always get a fresh take on things whenever I step out of the gym.

Incidentally, I found this video on YouTube. Don’t you wish doing threadmills are always this fun?

If you enjoyed the above, I’m sure you would also like this.

Let’s dance!


Tanaga Ukol Sa Tanaga

August 7, 2006

I’d like to post here some rough draft for a change.

I thought of writing a Tanaga poem about a Tanaga poem while aboard a jeep going to some remote town and this is what I got:

Kaisipa’y piniit
Sa tulang maliit
Salitang hati’y pito
magkatunog ang dulo

6:34 AM 7/26/2006

I texted the above to myself because it was hard to write aboard the sweeping and swerving jeep.

Recently, I just completely rewrote it:

Pitong hati – ‘sang linya
Kaisipa’y piniit
Linya’y apat – ‘sang tula
Kaisipa’y binaggit

11:23 PM 8/5/2006

I think both are very wrong. The first one is AABC while the second one is ABCB.

Somehow, I’m not satisfied without the traditional AAAA rhyme. Hmmm… Where’s that pencil?

Nasaan Ka? (Where are you?)

August 7, 2006

To you, —–, my first Tagalog villanelle.

Nasaan Ka?

Tadhana ba’y magkawalay?
Lumipas na ang kahapon
Kay tagal kitang hinintay

Ating bukas na malaon
Oras hinanap, tinunton
Tadhana ba’y magkawalay?

Kasalukuya’y nabaon
Bakit katwira’y hinamon?
Kay tagal kitang hinintay

Pangako mo’y kinakaon
ng puso kong inaalon
Tadhana ba’y magkawalay?

Ala-alang di malipon
Karanasa’y di matipon
Kay tagal kitang hinintay

Ngayon, bukas at kahapon
Panahon ba’y tinatapon?
Tadhana ba’y magkawalay?
Kay tagal kitang hinintay

1:16 AM 8/6/2006

Stating the Obvious

August 3, 2006

Don’t you just love it when some person states to you the obvious? Most of the time it makes me smile. Let me give you an example. I overheard the following from a night-time radio program while taking a ride home:

Radio Guy: We’ve got a text here from Girly(not the actual name). It says: My boyfriend asked for my hand in marriage but I’m not yet ready. What should I do?

Radio Guy: It is actually very simple Girly (sounding very stern), just tell your boyfriend that YOU ARE NOT YET READY! (sounding sarcastic) Okay? I hope that helps. Now, we’ve got another text from…

Can love be that blind?

On a separate note, I was introduced to the villanelle indirectly when Jenn forwarded me an email about a winning poem. I had to try writing one yesterday.

This is for all of you who love to state the obvious (consciously or otherwise). I hope it will make you smile.

Ladies and gentlemen, my first villanelle:

Stating the Obvious

I did’nt quite believe my ears.
An echo heard beyond the years
when you stated the obvious.

How can it be? It was too much!
A funny bone shakes and cheers!
I did’nt quite believe my ears.

Why did you have to say as such?
My mind was stunned among it’s peers
when you stated the obvious.

Where did you get that midas touch?
Soliciting laughter and tears,
I did’nt quite believe my ears.

While delivering quite a punch,
you drop regard and slide all fears
when you stated the obvious.

How I wish I could find a patch —
a clever plan that hatched in jeers.
I did’nt quite believe my ears
when you stated the obvious.

12:45 AM 8/3/2006

I wrote this one directly to my computer without resorting to pencil and paper. Why? 1. I had to refer to the article in Wikipedia describing the structure of the villanelle many times; 2. Copying and pasting the repeating lines using a computer is so much easier (Isn’t this one obvious?).

ISP 2006 Poet of the Year

August 2, 2006

I got an email from Jenn about a Filipino winning an international poetry competition. Her name is Blesilda Carmona and you can read her winning villianelle here.

Congratulations! Mabuhay!

PS: ISP stands for International Society of Poets


July 31, 2006

Also a few days back, I had a fit of asthma. I wrote the first 3 lines while having a bout. As usual, I didn’t take any medicine and I just waited for the attack to subside naturally.

During my past asthma attacks, I discovered these things 1. that pressing on my certain points on my palm and the soles feet and also certain portions of my back gives me great relief (I think I’ve mastered the art of self healing with regards to asthma); and 2. that writing poems while suffering can also bring a certain degree of comfort.

Here is the finished poem. I’ve added the last line just a few moments ago. It is another tanaga poem on the topic of asthma:

Hanging hindi mabuga
Inaasam ihinga
Kamalaya’y tulala
Aking baga’y nagsawa

11:01 PM 7/31/2006

Sa Sinehan

July 31, 2006

A few days back I went to see M. Night Shyamalan‘s Lady in the Water. I was quite early and I had 30 minutes in my hands. I observed the people coming out of the movies and also those in anticipation like myself. Then, I decided to take out my notebook to write this short poem.

Sa Sinehan

Iniluwal mo ang mga tao mula sa
panandaliang panaginip:

Humahalakhak, humahagulhol
umaawit, nauulol.

May pagkilos kahit nakapiit.
Ang anak ng liwanag sa
kadilima’y gumuguhit.

Kathang-isip, gawa-gawaan
o tunay na nangyari:

Napanood mo ang aking isipan.

11:39 PM 7/21/2006