Battling the Fall

Today, I had the luxury of lying in bed all day! I thought I won't write today but I felt restless not being able to write! I have so many concepts and topics in mind and I couldn't resist my pen and paper. A voice in my head tells me to write at least one poem a day! A bit demanding but I believe this is doable especially now that I'm enjoing it.

Thus, I find myself counting syllables and finding rhymes at any idle moment. I have renewed appreciation for my little notebook and my pencil.

This time, I'm taking a break from writing haiku-poems. This poem in particular is very close to real-life events. My friend has a rare muscle condition that has similar characteristics to aging people. The medical field as we know it today does not have an answer yet 1. as to the origin of my friend's condition and 2. the cure.

This is for you my Erwin. I hope you continue to strive on despite the difficulties. You can expect my prayer and moral support to be always with you.

Battling the Fall

My friend tripped by the sidewalk
in blood-drenched lips sustaining
minor bruises.

One grave day he fell once
more: tooth broken, blood spilling
and unconscious.

By the road – you guessed it right –
he fell again with lesser
might leaving only scratches.

Though muscles fail, his mind is
firm in stern resolve to rise
from every fall.

8:10 PM 6/24/2006


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