A Tribute To My Camera

I wrote this today while commuting to work. It is a tribute to my much appreciated digital camera.

A Tribute To My Camera

Dumb old camera, you cannot zoom!
  For enough pictures, there is no room!

Sorry my dear, the image is queer
  when the cat ran away with a peer.

If a great picture lies,
  the battery dies!

Thus, I must bid you goodbye.

10:10 AM 6/26/2006


2 Responses to A Tribute To My Camera

  1. brymac says:

    awww. I never got to say goodbye to my old digicam. lay it to rest or pass it on to someone who wouldnt mind the faults.

  2. Hi, thanks for dropping by. I still use that camera. I just get frustrated many times because of it’s limitations.

    Great suggestion! I already have someone in mind who wouldn’t mind any of it’s faults — my 4 year old nephew! I can now imagine that big sweet smile of his as he accepts the camera with arms wide open. Unlike me, he would say, “I love you camera.”

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