Writer’s Block

I have been waiting for it to happen and it came to like a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’ve experienced the so-called writer’s block. Depression and distress does take toll on productivity.

And so to end this nothingness, I present to you this poem on the topic of writer’s block albeit with a bit of revenge.

Sinabi ng papel sa panulat:
walang kathang mabubuo;
salita’y kalat kalat;
isipa’y buhol buhol;
kawala’y itatakwil.

Sinabi ng panulat sa papel:
Tinta’t guhit ay kathang
kalat kalat na salita.
Buhol buhol na isipa’y
itinatakwil na kawalan.

2:04 AM 7/14/2006


4 Responses to Writer’s Block

  1. jennee says:

    hi bri! it’s been two weeks… don’t tell me you’re going into hiatus already? where are the new entries?

    by the way, does ron speak french as well? J’ai visité le site francais par benj, et ron a ecrit un message en francais. Ou est-ce qu’il apprend? et tu? quand est’ce que tu inscriras a l’AF?

  2. Hello Jen,

    Sorry I was busy with my left brain activities. I have written a lot more but I’ve not yet transferred them from my notebook and from my cell phone. (Yes, I text myself a few lines whenever the urge presents itself.)

    I’m thinking of writing a series of poems which I’ll call “Dark Sonnets”. They are supposed to illustrate the crooked side of humanity.

    Regarding Ron speaking French, I really don’t know. I did’nt read about Ron’s message. I plan to enroll next year but I plan to learn the basics by myself. I have lots of French friends to practice with anyway. How’s your Mandarin classes going? I’d like to learn Mandarin also.

  3. jennee says:

    I can understand, but in my case, it’s really the same side of the brain that’s being used, only on different exercises. I have written some haikus for fun but I haven’t written a free verse or a rhyming poem of decent length lately. I want to, but i’m still searching for the right metaphor for the subject that I want to write about.

    The rains are conducive to writing… i wish i had the luxury to just stare into space and let the little gremlins snatch words from the air for me to use.

    Hey, when we both free up some time from our insane worklife maybe we could meet and discuss our works over coffee (tea for me). Let me know at least a day ahead so I can bring copies. hehehe. I also want to do a storyline for a comic/ children’s story, but I don’t know how to draw! Oh, well. Maybe I can just use templates from some programs.

    Mandarin’s going slower now. it’s more difficult and I don’t have much time to study. 😦 rather, I had been studying French more than Mandarin. maybe, after my term ends for French, this Sat. i’d get a chance to review for an entire day (no movies, no work, no unrelated books, no dancepad. No Jessie?). I think i have one Saturday off before I go to level 8. Or maybe, I can just take a sick leave again to study. Hehehe…

  4. I’d love to draw for you! I’m not good yet but I’m practising. Writing, drawing, and watching movies are my some of my favorite past times. Wait. Past time is such a light word. I’d say that they are my *salvation* from the crazy world.

    I have the following books by my bed:
    * Secrets to Drawing Heads
    * Pencil Magic

    Plus, I have a set of 15 to 20 pencils of different degrees of darkness/lightness. Quite recently, when I’m lying down in bed I either draw or write myself to sleep.

    Yes. The weather was quite conducive to writing. Yesterday, I had a fever running but it didn’t deter me from writing. I think I got into an altered state of consciousness. I tend to focus. For me, the pain of the chill and the contradiction of brewing heat and cold made for a good backdrop. It was a rhyming poem that I made. I hope you can comment on it again. Getting feedback helps a lot.

    This evening, I watched “The Producers”. If you feel stressed out, it is a wonderful film to see. I had a good time watching all the dancing and the singing. I was even a bit singing when I went out. I’ll definitely watch it again.

    Let’s have tea soon. Cheers! 🙂

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