Habang Nilalagnat at Bumabagyo

I wrote this Tagalog poem while having a fever yesterday. I thought that the contradicting pain brought about by the warm and cold feeling made for an excellent backdrop. Add to this fact that it was raining hard because of the typhoon. The fever was giving me chills and making my head was heavy and dizzy but I opted not to take any medicine. It was a restless sleep but the fever was gone in the morning.

It’s all about a recent activity that I made. If you can guess *exactly* what it is, I’ll treat you to any coffee or a tea of your choice. I hope you’ll like this:

Anim na oras
Masamang tsinelas
Balat na napilas
Tinagpi, lumipas

Pantas hinanap
Mga alapaap
Araw kaharap
Sunog kung yumakap

Lingap tinangi
Karaniwa’y kinubli
Dumaloy, humabi
Wala sa sarili

Sabi’y lumuhod
Ako’y naglingkod
Malay inanod
Panaginip sinugod

Puntod pinigil
Mulat na nadapil
Hininga’y siningil
Sa tarik humimpil

Siniil, tiniis
Tagaktak ng pawis
Isa ang nais
Lunas sa tangis

Inimpis na ala-ala
Kinipkip, lumaya
Aking himala
Hiniling, tumalima

Talima’y sinambit
Sa poong malapit
Dulo’y nakamit
Anim na oras sinapit

11:43 PM 7/25/2006



3 Responses to Habang Nilalagnat at Bumabagyo

  1. jennee says:

    i can guess. 🙂 namundok ka na naman ba brian?

  2. Hi Jenn,

    Sort of. 🙂 I’ll explain/narrate in length soon. I guess you’ve won. You were the only one who guessed. 🙂 You may claim you free tea when we meet.

    Hi Jam,

    I’m glad you liked it. Are we aquainted? Anyway, feel free to voice out your comments and write out stuff here. Cheers!


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