The Producers

I watched “The Producers” last night after my usually hectic day. It was refreshing to watch all those bouncing and singing bodies prancing around and about. There is something in these musical-based movies that makes me want to watch them again and again. I watched “Rent” earlier this year four times in the cinemas. The songs sounded spectacular in dolby (and the viewers were allowed to sing).

Going back to “The Producers”, if you enjoy musicals and are aching for a feel-good movie then this comedy will make your day. I’ll definitely see it again.

Here are some trivia for the producers (excerpted from IMDb and annotated with my comments):

  • This is a movie based on a play based on a movie about a play.
  • Uma Thurman was doubled during portions of the dances by Angie L. Schworer who was playing the part of Ulla in the Broadway version of “The Producers” during production of this film. (Comment: I really thought she was the one dancing! Edit: I think she did most of the dancing except for the split.)
  • Mel Brooks originally wrote the music by humming the melodies to the songs into a tape recorder and having a friend who was musically literate write it down on staff paper. (Comment: This comes to show that we can “write” music without actually being musically literate. I think music comes natural in us. I play a game with my nephew where I ask him to sing and invent tones when he communicate with me. You will be surprised how kids can be so creative.)
  • Gary Beach was playing the same character on both stage and screen at the same time; when the movie premiered, he was also starring as Roger De Bris on Broadway.

2 Responses to The Producers

  1. jennee says:

    i wanna watch!!!! up to when is it showing? this week has been crazy for me. 😦 it’s all been about work. i hope things ease up after friday. hay!

  2. Hi Jenn, Things are starting to ease up for me. Let’s watch! 🙂 When?

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