Also a few days back, I had a fit of asthma. I wrote the first 3 lines while having a bout. As usual, I didn’t take any medicine and I just waited for the attack to subside naturally.

During my past asthma attacks, I discovered these things 1. that pressing on my certain points on my palm and the soles feet and also certain portions of my back gives me great relief (I think I’ve mastered the art of self healing with regards to asthma); and 2. that writing poems while suffering can also bring a certain degree of comfort.

Here is the finished poem. I’ve added the last line just a few moments ago. It is another tanaga poem on the topic of asthma:

Hanging hindi mabuga
Inaasam ihinga
Kamalaya’y tulala
Aking baga’y nagsawa

11:01 PM 7/31/2006


2 Responses to Asthma

  1. jennee says:

    buti ka pa, tapos na. ako, ongoing. no meds, no absences. hay.

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