ISP 2006 Poet of the Year

I got an email from Jenn about a Filipino winning an international poetry competition. Her name is Blesilda Carmona and you can read her winning villianelle here.

Congratulations! Mabuhay!

PS: ISP stands for International Society of Poets


2 Responses to ISP 2006 Poet of the Year

  1. Bles Carmona says:

    Thank you very much for including me in your blog! I just read it today (Aug. 30,2006) when I Googled myself (I was looking for an article about me in the Manila-US Times). I didn’t find the article, but I did find your blogsite. Serendipity! Thank you very much again! Please don’t hesitate to email me if you feel like being friends.

  2. Hi there! What a pleasant surprise! I thought only friends and students looking for assignments visit my site. (Judging on how people visit this site via Google keywords.)

    I never knew about the villianelle until I read yours. Hence, your villianelle was the first one I read.

    At first, I didn’t like the villianelle. Since I have been thinking in terms of tanaga-poems and haiku poems (where conciseness matters), I found it strange to have those repeating lines. But when I tried writing one, I felt that repeating the lines aids in escalation and reinforcement of ideas. In the end, I came to like it.

    Though I am more in search for honest critics, being friends sounds great!

    Now, I can personally express my congratulations to you personally: Bles, mabuhay ka! Keep on writing!

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